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The Art Deco Dream. 

A dream of a dystopian world from another dimension that held it's relevance with aesthetics and technology. 

Art Deco within the root of itself makes you feel unexplainable emotions with a false sense of nostalgia. That feeling of remembering something that never happened, or longing for a memory that isn't yours. Art Deco has been permanently imprinted into the fundamental principles of design since it's conception. Rooted in Ancient civilization design, it displays the great feats of man and how man has conquered over mind and matter. It's visionary design first made an appearance in France right before World War 1 and then took flight internationally during the 20's, 30's and 40's. However due to wartime hardships the style began to wane after World War II.  It's named derived from Arts Décoratifs which was from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes that was herald in Paris during 1925. It's aesthetic combines traditional elements associated with the Machine age. Bold rich colors, geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation were prime characteristics of it's signature style. 

Germany flourished two variations of Art Deco called New Objectivity (curving horizontal lines and nautical motifs) and Streamline Moderne. Expressionist architecture came up with a more emotional use of shapes, colors and textures, partly reinterpreting shapes from the German and Baltic Brick Gothic style. Most of these influences can be seen in such dystopian movies as Bladerunner and Brazil. 

My Deco dream is a subconscious alternate reality. As a child born with all seven forms of hyper sensory Synesthesia ( sometimes my everyday life can be terribly overwhelming. I’ve always been consciously aware of my abilities and destiny ever since I was young; barely out of the womb. Given my long-term photographic memory; I can retain such a vast amount of detail it’s like time warping and reliving it all over again. I remember being pushed in a stroller around the old 1980’s Art Deco-styled Meadows Mall in Vegas at one years old at the Diamonds department store before it was renovated into Dillard’s in 1992, and till this day I can draw out the entire structure and every detail I saw. 

There began the fascination. How could such a tiny mind absorb such a sensory overload in a world decorated in fake plants, shining mirrors, luscious hallways and the scent of vanilla ice cream? My earliest memory of being on this planet was at 5 months old and my mother taking me to Swenson's Ice Cream at the local mall. The seats were plush retro teal vinyl with a speckled table and chrome. It has fascinated me throughout my life how these tiny details and memory triggers that bring a flood of remarkable innocent happiness in a world that wasn't quite corrupted. Corporatism hiding behind shiny glass cases and expensive perfumes. For me personally, Art Deco has been pre-programmed into my DNA and I held ontop these memory signatures to fulfill my destiny. I want to share that nostalgia and bliss. 

When it comes to technology I have had countless visions and dreams of other worlds that are dystopian city mall structures. Living and breathing with corporate irony. This is where the community of Vaporwave fits into my work. There is a sadness of time lost, something more simple and beautiful. A world premature in technology blinded by greed. Space time knows no bounds and it's endless in its ability to produce images. Fritz Lang's film Metropolis, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and Terry Gilliam's Brazil have been the prime centerfold to my work. Their distorted visions of a future holding onto to fragments of a more beautiful human past and what the power of love can destroy in a cyber programmed reality. The Japanese and Chinese subtext with the visuals always fascinated me as an undertone to these films and has been a huge influence of my work. The societies merged from East to West and became a story telling staple. Exotic beauty, dangerous femmes in a neon laden world draws me in closer and closer every time. It's a lifelong obsession. 

It is my lifelong passion and mission to execute artwork that features these elements in a classic, elegant, precise way. To spread my work throughout the world and become the torch carrier for the next era of Art deco Futurism. I am the next Erte. I am the next Amano. A dream creator. My world filled with fantasy, romance, death, innocence, thrill, and sexual allure. Evolving into a personal stage show presented on canvas in all mediums of high end fine art. The show that never sleeps. Continuing to glimmer onwards even past the dark alleyways, rain and flickering neon reflecting the souls of the lost staring at their reflections...wishing there was something more. Something cosmic. 


               I am Heather Hermann...                    The Duchess of Deco 

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