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Heather Hermann is a 32 year old 7th generation native Nevadan. Born and raised in the city that never sleeps, she has made her mark amongst the neon lights as one of Las Vegas' prime influential artists working in the industry today. Her unique style, extensive education and passion for the arts is absolutely unquestionable. 

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​Working with various mediums and inspired by many different outlets, Hermann's concentration centers around Post-Modernism, Art Deco, Neon-Noir and Retro-Futuristic visuals. Heather's focus is aligned to the conceptual ideas and techniques honed by illustration masters Yoshitaka Amano, and Erte. Most of Hermann's works contain dreamy aspects similar in aesthetic quality to Klimt, Rodger Dean, Rulleman, Sorayama and Takeya. Nostalgia that is reminiscent of fantasy/sci-fi video games and films of the 1980's. Heather is one of the only people who is continuing the legacy of the watercolor and gouache techniques invented by these masters only to pass on the torch in the new age of Art Deco design.


Her genre combines the romantic yet intricate qualities of posters from the early 1930's through the mid 1980's; complimented by advanced technology, extravagant costume design and deeply intellectual philosophical propaganda's to leave the viewer wondering yet captivated. A dark Neon Noir city gilded in chrome with monuments of man and the untouchable women who dominate them. Combining fantastical elements and dream like qualities; she explores the extravagance of decorative mechanical design, celebration of female danceresque forms complimented by the pure white skin that was influenced by Grecian and Japanese woodblock prints/sumi design. Dedicated to the aesthetic rules of Art Deco in the late 1920's and early 1930's, Heather finds roots in the seemingly simple yet fascinatingly intricate designs of the Art Deco master Erte'. Erte's method of capturing the Goddess-like female spirit, mysterious sensuality and avant garde fantasy design, adds the hyper decorative elements that is the binding glue of Hermann's artworks.

Heather Hermann also has a very extensive background in stage performance, film, historical preservation, gallery curation, fine art consultation, interior design, modeling, fashion/costume design and conceptual design in various mediums. 

She was professionally trained as a ballerina for 20 years and served as a Principle, Soloist and Corps De Ballet with various established companies. Royal Academy of London, Paris Opera, NYC Ballet, Fosse, ABT and San Diego are just a few to name on her resume. Hermann trained in various summer intensive programs with some of the world's most renowned teachers and original entertainers on the Las Vegas Strip who performed in such shows as Siegfried and Roy, Jubilee, Follies Bergere', Storm, and Cirque. Retiring from the Kravenko Ballet at 18 years old she went on to pursue a career at Cirque Du Soleil as a performance artist and then quickly was thrust into the world of cinema costume design. Heather has worked on various independent film projects as a costume designer, conceptual artist, art director and wardrobe intern. Such credentials include the Broadway show Tamara which sadly wasn't able to budget it's debut at The Venetian Hotel and was replaced with Phantom of the Opera. 

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Hermann trained with Diana Eden personally who was the costume designer for the TV show Passions and was Bob Mackie's assistant in Jubilee. She was the responsible savior of the infamous Mackie costume book which held all of Mackie's original drawings for the show by running into the devastating MGM fire in 1980, which killed 85 people; risking her life to preserve the book. Heather's artwork was an instant hit on film sets and co-workers would constantly be amazed by her captivating ideas while sketching off duty. By popular demand, she was asked to show at high end gallery events such as Paint The Town at Snell & Wilmer and do promotional design for the EFFEN Vodka Company of Sweden. Her work was highly received at social events supported by The Wynn casino at Blush and TRYST nightclubs and 20 artworks sold out in one night in less than four hours. Heather continued to freelance successfully and built her Deco Empire from the ground up with good business ethics and strong presentation. 

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Heather Hermann is also a historian aficionado who works closely with the Art Deco Preservation society as a consultant member to teach the importance of Art Deco design in all it's century genres and how it's relevance influences us today in everyday life and subconsciously. 

Hermann was hired by the world famous Martin Lawrence Galleries as the prime curator and consultant for Art Deco master Erte'. Successfully passing an interview in hours she was immediately received into high end gallery sales and teaching the public on the collecting importance of Erte's artwork. Her main focus was on archiving to make sure each individual piece was pristine in it's perfect condition and displayed properly for collectors in private viewing rooms. Among this prestigious work she also consulted curation for Andy Warhol, Picasso, Salvador Dali, Basquiat, Murakami and other various great masters. Using technical skills she was able to draw parallels between modern day masters such as Murakami and draw together the influence of social commentary, design, branding and historical relevance towards Erte and the Deco period. Having knowledge of Broadway shows, performing in them and having archives she was able to educate the public on rare Erte works that have little to no information on them and their importance in performance history. 

Heather felt a new surge of inspiration in 2012 after many life transitions and began seeking out images that could only be remembered through childhood subconscious. Her fascination and ability to finally begin collecting items that contributed to that became her obsession. Finding Art deco 1980's revival sculptures, artworks and everything in between that fit the period accurate mold. She became one of the forefront pioneers in retrieving rare Art deco items from dealers, antique suppliers, thrift stores and fine art galleries. If you can imagine it, she has the ability to find it. Her personal collection is extensive and she contributes to private clients with interior design consultation to acquire rare pieces. Heather's obsessive nature led her into a small building community of indie music artists pioneering the sound of Synthwave and Vaporwave. Musically, synthwave is heavily inspired by new wave and the soundtracks of many 1980s films, video games, cartoons and television shows. Composers such as John Carpenter, Vangelis, and Tangerine Dream are major influences. The style is mainly instrumental, and often contain 1980s cliché elements in the sound such as electronic drums, gated reverb, analog synthesizer bass lines and leads, all to resemble tracks from that time period. Vaporwave is a music micro-genre and art movement that emerged in the early 2010s among Internet communities. It has a nostalgic fascination with retro cultural aesthetics (80s, 90s, and early-mid 2000s), video games, technology, postmodern Japanese culture and advertising, and styles of commercial and popular music such as lounge, smooth jazz and elevator music.


Heather's current most recent work has been encompassed by a project named REQUIEM: Coffee, Tea and Fantasy. She served as the primary Art Director consultant, world builder, interior designer, sculptor and branding creator for this iconic cafe in Anaheim, CA. Requiem was created by Kristopher Irons whom also is a major fantasy enthusiast and shared a similar dream of bringing people into an immersive world they could experience daily. Together over the course of several years Hermann and Irons have collaborated on building the Requiem universe and it's aesthetics to bring joy to many people looking for a safe outlet to experience the things they love and align with. 

Hermann continues to work on this activation and ontop of it's iconic interior; focuses on illustrating/concepting Requiem's diverse lore driven universe and product creation. 

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