ULTRA BOSS "Seven Deadly Synths"

April 23, 2018

@pjdatri second album "Seven Deadly Synths" will be released through legendary #rossacorsarecordson April 23rd! Stay tuned for exciting updates! 
Album artwork was designed, drawn and mastered by me @duchess_of_deco 💗 
Album features @tokyoroseofficial @galeriesmusic @vincenzosalvia @rulmyno Sebastian Gampl, @goldentrumpet @danajeanphoenix @ludrium @iamvoltage @systemglow and @rollyrocket 
It's a giant synthwave party!!! Vinyl edition coming soon by @electronic_purification_rex and special thanks to @mrrossocorsa 
#synthwave #shredwave #80s #nightcity #zombie#gore #hardcore #airbrush #digital #wacom#albumdesign #retrowave #neon #sinister

View the high rez on my official website: https://www.heatherhermann.com/album-covers?lightbox=dataItem-jfr376zp2

DEADLIFE "The Order of Chaos"

March 16, 2018

Pre Orders are now available for @deadlifecorps newest release, "The Order of Chaos" on @newretrowave 💚🖤💜🖤 Album artwork and art direction was done by me @duchess_of_deco

Influences of dark fantasy 80s sci fi. If you love films such as The Black Cauldron, Legend and the Dark Crystal and games like Final Fantasy, MGS, and System Shock you'll love this album! A true space opera of cyberpunk. 

Logo collaboration design from Alexandre Lemoing and Gear Duran
Facebook: @80sNeonDream


Be sure to reserve now! "Something new beckons... DEADLIFE joins NRW Records and has a promising album to share with you all. Here is the first of many thrilling sounds. 
Pre-Order "The Order of Chaos" today: https://newretrowave.bandcamp.com/album/the-order-of-chaos
#80s #90s #retro #retrowave #darksynth#newretrowave

#duchessofdeco #darkwave #80s #fantasy #scifi#synthwave #darkness #spaceopera #hardcore#retrosynth #album #artist #80sfantasy

Violet Jean and Valerian Release

July 15, 2017


Check it out!!! Launch promo video for Violet Jean and Valerian that I am doing the official album cover artwork for!!! The ULTIMATE album of new wave 80's pop taken to a whole new level!!!! Be sure to give them a like and support their music. One of the DOPEST synthwave artists currently in our scene. Not only are they accurate in sound...but their compositions are amazing. Unforgettable.

Get your harajuku on...and support Violet Jean and Valerian!!!!!

#80s #pop #anime #kawaii #duchessofdeco #violetjeanandvalerian#synthwave #neonnoir #noirtech #synthetix #newwave #retrowave #ultimate#indie #fantasy #scifi #romantic #revolutionary

Dream Fiend Album Production

July 16, 2017

Pre production has begun on Dream Fiend's new revolutionary synthwave album. Currently I am designing the new album art and promotional materials. To keep up to date, follow Dream Fiend on FB, and Bandcamp along with my fan page. 


ZERA and the City of Endless Night

July 16, 2017


I am proud to announce to the public that Gear Duran and I are officially working alongside Blue Pulse Studios on the next big hit to dominate the gaming industry.
ZERA and the City of Endless Night
We are honored to be on the creative production team and will be posting/sharing many promotional materials in association with the game.
ZERA is revolutionary. The newest original experience in many many many years and a complete refreshing outlook on a beloved genre.
We look forward to sharing the progression of this project with you all.
Be sure to hit up the social media and give it a like. New major announcements coming soon.
Are you ready for the nightmare and the survival of the light?
Zera and the City of Endless Night
Blue Pulse Studios
Brothers Harrow
Gear Duran
Heather Hermann: The Duchess of Deco
#cyberpunk #dystopia #multiplatformgaming #console #pc #neonnoir#synthwave #retrofuture #japanesedystopiaAdd News Story here


June 14, 2017


What does the future look like? It’s something we’ve been wondering about since Leonardo da Vinci started sketching out flying machines and other contraptions that were far from possible in 1400’s Italy. Later, Mary Shelley created what we can call science fiction, and many writers and artists have since ran with it, creating stunning worlds and amazing imagery that captivates and enthralls.

Monsterpalooza 2017

April 07, 2017

Come down to the Pasadena Convention center and visit Heather Hermann and Gear Duran's booth METROPA/SLAYERWAVE at this years annual Monsterpalooza. Visit the website for more info! www.monsterpalooza.com

Wonderland Gallery

March 03, 2017

First Friday opening at Wonderland Gallery at The Arts Factory. Event starts at 5pm

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