Not enough retro in your life? Love Art Deco and the 80's? How about everything inbetween!? Look no further. Heather Hermann "The Duchess of Deco" offers several private consultation services for all your retro needs. Weither it's that special piece of furniture, retro artwork, full room restoration/rennovation, or possibly scouting to find that one object to complete your collection of radical display, she can find it. With several years of dedicated experience in rare retro objects Heather searches the far reaches of the unknown and computer world to bring you retro treasures and interior revivals effectively. 

Below are a series of images from her personal collection at her home along with several inspirational images from rare retro design archives that are just a few within thousands of images in her digital consultation collection. 

Interior Design Services: 
Retro Item/Furniture Scouting 
Color Plotting 
Retro Room Makeovers 
Professional Design Consultation