Pink Gradient


Working with various mediums and inspired by many different outlets, Hermann's concentration centers around Post-Modernism, Art Deco, Neon-Noir and Retro-Futuristic visuals. Heather's focus is aligned to the conceptual ideas and techniques honed by illustration masters Yoshitaka Amano, Patrick Nagel and Erte. Most of Hermann's works contains dreamy aspects similar in quality to Klimt, Rulleman, Sorayama and Takeya, along with the nostalgia reminiscent of fantasy/sci-fi video games and films of the 1980's. Heather continues the legacy of the watercolor and gouache techniques invented by them only to carry it on into the new age of Art Deco design. 


This new genre combines the romantic yet intricate qualities of posters from the early 1930's through the mid 1980's; complimented by advanced technology, extravagant costume design and deeply intellectual philosophical propaganda's to leave the viewer wondering yet captivated. Combining fantastical elements and dream like qualities; she explores the extravagance of decorative mechanical design, celebration of female danceresque forms complimented by the pure white skin, influenced by Grecian and Japanese woodblock prints and line work. 


Dedicated to the aesthetic rules of Art Deco in the late 1920's and early 1930's, Heather finds roots in the seemingly simple yet fascinatingly intricate designs of the Art Deco master Erte'. Erte's method of capturing the Goddess-like female spirit, mysterious sensuality and avant garde fantasy design, adds the hyper decorative elements that is the binding glue of Hermann's artworks

Professional Fine Art

High End Art Consulting/Sales


Art Direction for Film/Stage Production

Costume concept/illustration design 


Dancing: Ballet, Tap, Modern, Vaudeville, Jazz, Contemporary, Burlesque, Aerial 

Retro Interior Design: Art Deco/80s Noir/Modern 

Interior Design Consultant 

Modeling: Photography/ Marketing/ Fashion